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Friday, December 14, 2012

Cake Pops and Cakes

December 2012

I am now baking for aprox 18 months, and I am working on a whole new web site, therefore this blog, because since now I want to share recipes, and some easy how to's for everybody to do. When  I started writing this new blog, I decided to copy all previous entrees of my own previous blog, because it has been a journey for me.

I always liked colors, and creativity and design, but i didn't know what to do with it, I tried several things, I illustrated, I wrote, I painted, I organized parties, I made pinhatas, I made decorations with balloons ...and I still love all that, but i decided to focus, knowing myself that probably I was going to get tired soon, as it normally happened, but this time, something went different...... it is 18 months later and I am still not tired, I am still very busy with baking and decorating, I dream with it, I use all my extra time, after regular office 40 hour job and 2 children, for learn and research and try new things, i just can not stop, and that makes me happy, finally I can stick to something, finally I gave some colors again to my life, even thought I am a lot busier than ever and I sleep less...

How does a ex-tour guide, Peru lover, passionate for Tourism, kitchen hater, living and working in Holland for the last 10 years, starts baking and even love the kitchen now? No idea, I am still pending that answer for myself, I believe it is the color, the design, and the happy faces you see when someone looks at my cake pops and cakes...

I got better with my cake pops, I am getting better with my cakes, and I just want to learn and learn, if you have the same feeling.. and you enjoy reading this, probably .. you are in the same journey .. make a start!

here some of my cake pops :)




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