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Monday, December 17, 2012

How to: Christmas Pinguins

17 December 2012

I saw these adorable choco pinguins in the internet.. and I just knew it, I had to do them!..
They are cute, sweet, (almost) easy to make, and kids will love it this Christmas!

So here is the how to, you will need:
-Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats (Dutch zoenen / Spanish: Besos de Moza)
-Fondant in white (faces), orange(feet), little black, red, blue and green color

-Basic cutters: heart and circle shape.

1.- use some basic tools: a basic shape for hearts and circles in white fondant, those will be the pinguin faces, like this:

2.-Use some orange fondant in heart shape for the feet.
Paste the faces and feet with chocolate.

3.-Create the pinguin beaks using little pieces of orange fondant. Paste them with chocolate.
As you see in the picture I also added a little bow, using two little candy hearts. I also wanted to create a winter "ear warmer" so, I pasted a straight line of white fondant above the pinguin head and I made two little round blue shapes for the ears. Again, paste with chocolate.

4.-For the Santa Pinguins: make two little balls of fondant in two different colors. Give them the Santa hat shape and use white fondant around. Like this:

5.-We are almost finish. Now the eyes: using black fondant , paste them with a tiny drop of water to the pinguin face. Then , use white fondant to paste them on top of the black, to give them a nice look.

6.- Enjoy!!
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year!
Feliz Navidad y un Prospero Año Nuevo!
Fijne Kerstdagen en Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar!


Friday, December 14, 2012

How To: Christmas Zoen

14 December 2012

This is my first How to, it is pretty much very simple, but I think it is a great idea for this Christmas!! Make some, put them in the table on Christmas eve (or any day) and enjoy!

You will need:
-Chocolate-coated marshmallow treats (Dutch zoenen / Spanish: Besos de Moza)
-Fondant in red and green color

1.-  Use some basic tools, a basic shape for leaves. I used it green fondat and then I gave them the special Christmas shape with a circle cutter used in the borders.
2.-Let the fondant dry for an hour or two (note that the leaves dry on top of something circular to give them the special shape)
3.-and then use chocolate to paste the fondant pieces to the chocolate-coated marshmallow


Fondant Figures - Modelling

14 December 2012

and my new obsession is fondant modelling, I have found some artist who inspire me, I just love it, and I want to get better and better..
here some of my fondant figures.. now I have a new challengue: fondant people :) I working on it..


Cake Pops and Cakes

December 2012

I am now baking for aprox 18 months, and I am working on a whole new web site, therefore this blog, because since now I want to share recipes, and some easy how to's for everybody to do. When  I started writing this new blog, I decided to copy all previous entrees of my own previous blog, because it has been a journey for me.

I always liked colors, and creativity and design, but i didn't know what to do with it, I tried several things, I illustrated, I wrote, I painted, I organized parties, I made pinhatas, I made decorations with balloons ...and I still love all that, but i decided to focus, knowing myself that probably I was going to get tired soon, as it normally happened, but this time, something went different...... it is 18 months later and I am still not tired, I am still very busy with baking and decorating, I dream with it, I use all my extra time, after regular office 40 hour job and 2 children, for learn and research and try new things, i just can not stop, and that makes me happy, finally I can stick to something, finally I gave some colors again to my life, even thought I am a lot busier than ever and I sleep less...

How does a ex-tour guide, Peru lover, passionate for Tourism, kitchen hater, living and working in Holland for the last 10 years, starts baking and even love the kitchen now? No idea, I am still pending that answer for myself, I believe it is the color, the design, and the happy faces you see when someone looks at my cake pops and cakes...

I got better with my cake pops, I am getting better with my cakes, and I just want to learn and learn, if you have the same feeling.. and you enjoy reading this, probably .. you are in the same journey .. make a start!

here some of my cake pops :)




Tres Leches Cake - Drie Melk Taart

Somewhere in November 2012

In South America the so called, Tres Leches (three milk cake, drie melk taart) is very popular, we love it, it is very humid, maybe too humid, very sweet, maybe too sweet, but oh so good!

When I was younger i never even dare to think that one day I could bake it myself, and now, so much impower and with gained confidence from the last 18 months baking, i give it a try... this is the result, I should improve my piping skills, but the taste .. was good! (or so it says my beloved husband, who is getting kilos and is thinking in going into diet... together of course haha)


Mini Cakes - Mini Taartje

Somewhere in November 2012

When I saw this in Internet, i thought ohhh how cute, and as obssess as I am, I inmediately bought what i needed and went home to try it.. what is cuter than a Cake Pop?? a ..
MINI TAARTJE (Mini Cake)!!




These are Alfajores, they are very popular in whole Soth America and Spain as far as i know, they are like Cookies, but different, eavery country has their recipe, this is the peruvian recipe.

Traditionally they are filled with Manjar (dulce de leche), cover in sugar and rasp coconut, i also wanted to try something different, ideas from internet, so i cover some in chocolate, i add colors, and color chocolate that I use for my cake pops.. here the results


The First Workshop

Somewhere November 2012

This is the first workshop I gave, for a friend.. and her friend..
she thought that after more than 1 year learning I was ready for share.. she was very kind, of course, and I did my very best...
These are some Ice Cake Pops, easy, and there is no way you can go wrong with them :)


Cupcakes - learning lessons

6 November 2012

After the big party for my son, I had to make an small party for only kids from school, so I tried to use some decoration for same theme, Mario Bross..
here some cupcakes and some other cupcakes that tasted good (oreo buttercream) but looked horrible!! hahahaha ok, lesson learn, even if you are tired and it is late, USE the right piping tool, otherwise the buttercream will look like... ehh.. you know.. hahaha

Dessert Table Mario Bross

1 November 2012

Dessert Table i made for son's Birthday: Mario Bros. I made all from Scratch.. i am pretty much obssess with Dessert Tables now... I only had 1 week, only after work.... but it was ok, I think..

Oreo Buttercream

31 October 2012

Trying new recipes for Oreo Buttercream

Halloween Cupcakes very scary

31 October 2012

Halloween Cupcakes, pretty disgusting, I know, but I really, really wanted to go for.. Scary, no Sweet! hahaha

Cookie Monster and Empanadas

20 October 2012

Cookie monster fever ! Whoopie Pies Fever!
Peruvian Empanadas (with meat) ! Baking Fever!

My first real Cookies..with fondant

26 August 2012

Who want cookies? ... now my husband and kids baking them... i will have to hide them away!

Cupcakes Lemon Pie and Merengue

18 August 2012

Happily busy! baking every week, learning and trying new things... what about this: Lemon Pie Cupcakes with Merengue!
In Peru we love Lemon Pie, it is little different from the one i have tried here in Europe.. so this time I try my peruvian recipe in the cupcakes... yummy!! 

and here the favorite Pie de Limon of my husband , for 12 portions, peruvian recipe ... yummier!!



Cake Pop Obsession

23 April 2012

Houston we have a problem! I am dreaming with making some cake pop models... have to wait for the weekend nooooooo hahaha


Cupcake world

25 April 2012
And here the results from the workshop i took and some Bday cupcakes I made.. Happy Bday to me (some weeks ago hahaha)I love creamcheese frosting..



Workshop Design Handbags Cupcakes

18 April 2012
Today i took a wonderful workshop ...i learn how to make very cute designer bags for cupcakes .. i love them!! here a picture to share ...don't you loveeee them!

Little Chefs

16 April 2012
I am still working in this page, with a full time job and 2 kids I only have nights and weekends. My photo Camera sucks, and in making this page i realize how bad are many of my photos.. hopefully soon we can get a new camera.

Here my little chefs working on their first cupcakes ever


Cake Pop Begginer

10 April 2012

Its funny when I think about my first cake pops, I wish I have some photos.. it was horrible! they couldn't stay in the lollipop stick.. they all fall and it was impossible to make the chocolate coating... it almost make me cry while the rest of my family was laughing hahaha...

Push Up Cake Pops

12 March 2012

Push Up cake Pops are a total succes!!! Try them with Slagroom and Strawberries, love them!